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Speleolit is a polygon for speleo climbing where you can try the technique of rope climbing and discover the underworld. Speleolit is the ideal place for young people and for those who are adventurous.

The speleo adventure is intended for all of those who wish to have an amazing underground experience. Become a speleologist for a day and descend under lamplight with your caving equipment into the world of stalactites and stalagmites.

Step 1 —

Good to know:

  • all tours must be pre-booked
  • no previous experience in rappelling is required
  • the tour is designed for beginners
  • minimum age for participants is 9 year
  • the tour takes 3.5 till 5 hours (depends on the size of the group and their capabilities)
  • maximum group size is 10 people
  • your weight limit, no more than 110 kg
  • the tour is not suitable for those who suffer epilepsy or claustrophobia
  • the tour is not suitable for those who have had an injury or serious surgery at least 6 months prior to the date of the tour.

You begin your speleo adventure at the Speleolit polygon where you:

  • become familiar with the safety rules for the use of the equipment
  • get professional guidance throughout the training session
  • practice the descent and climb on an outdoor rock

Price includes:

  • Cave equipment
  • Coveralls (due to the temperature in the cave as it’s 10ºC).
  • Helmet with light
  • Protective gloves
  • Rubber boots

There is a short break after the training session (10-15 mins), followed by preparations for the departure.

— Step 2
to the cave

We will drive you to a nearby cave (approximately 5 mins).
You start with a 14 meter vertical descent into the pit.

When all the participants have descended safely, the tour will begin.

Step 3 —
Tour of the cave

You will pass all the vertical parts of the cave by rope.
A qualified speleologist will ensure the movement through the cave for the entire duration of the tour.

The temperature inside the cave is 10°C. The tour will be a combination of walking and climbing.

— Step 4
to speleolit

After the cave tour, we will drive you back to the Speleolit polygon. A unique and unforgettable experience is guaranteed!


59,00 € / 444,56 kn

46,00 € / 346,59 kn
(9-11.99 years old)

cca 3,5 - 5 hours (it depends on the number of participiants)

1 € = 7,5345 kn

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